Real Life Superhero Dogs And Their Crazy Stories

Appu: Braveheart Saved Owner From Electrocution

25. Appu: Braveheart Saved Owner From Electrocution

Appu, the dog, had been living with Ajesh and his family for two years in a small village in Kerela, India. On an ill-fated day, Ajesh went out to buy milk with his 5-year-old child and the dog in tow. Appu suddenly noticed a broken, live wire lying right in front of them.

He ran ahead and held the cable in his mouth to make sure his family didn’t touch it while walking past it. Tragically, Appu was electrocuted and died right in front of Ajesh. The power supply had to be switched off to remove the dog’s body.

He was later buried by the family in their backyard. Appu and his tale of unflinching loyalty would never be forgotten by his family and the village.

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