31 New Age Jobs That Didn’t Exist 20 Years Ago

Holiday Consultant

3. Holiday Consultant

People travel for all kinds of purposes – it could be a luxury cruise, a rough hiking trip, or a fun beach holiday! In case you’re running low on time but still want a customized holiday of your dreams, you can consider approaching a holiday consultant for the job!

A job that has mostly come up in the last two decades, holiday consultants understand what you’re looking for in your dream holiday, and suggest the right destination, accommodation, places to see, and things to do – and everything in between. 

These consultants don’t just consult, they basically do everything from A to Z – your travel bookings, documentation, visas, arranging for sightseeing, the works. And they do this for a fee, of course. But if you can spare some money and leave all the planning to someone else, you can do it thanks to holiday consultants! 

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