31 New Age Jobs That Didn’t Exist 20 Years Ago

Online Influencer

30. Online Influencer

Even though the job title ‘Instagram Influencer’ doesn’t seem unusual to us now, it didn’t exist 20 years ago! Online influencers are people who promote certain products and services to their followers and use their online presence and clout to ‘influence’ their followers to buy these products. 

Influencers receive a lot of free samples of products, hotel stays, free vacations in exchange for promotion on their pages, but they also get paid real cash! In fact, online influencers like Bella Thorne reportedly get paid as much as $65,000 to write a single post promoting a product or a service. 
That’s a lot of money! Even though in some cases, the use of influencers for promotion could be a hit or miss, there are perks to keeping influencers happy. Snapchat would know this, since their market value reduced by a stagegring $1.3 billion just because Kylie Jenner tweeted that she wasn’t a fan of the platform anymore. 
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