30 Unexpected Ways Social Media is Changing the World

Social media has taken over the entire world! With the advent of it, people have started leading two lives, one real and the other superficial. It gives you the power of who you want to be online and how you want to project yourself for the digital world.

According to a recent survey, an average human being spends at least 30 minutes of their day on social media platforms. It serves as oxygen for a few and a necessity for some.

Gone are the days when people use to write to each other or call one another. Letters have been replaced by all sorts of social media platforms such as emails, texting, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and more. Surprisingly, this list doesn’t stop there!

Social media has its own pros and cons. For some, it is like a new life and for some, it proves to be toxic and time-consuming. But one thing is clear that it has become such an integral part of everyone’s lives that no one can ignore it in this or the next many decades.

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