25 Strategies to Improve Your Quality of Life

Except For God, All Is Finite

#1 Except For God, All Is Finite

To live a quality life, one must understand that everything has a limit. This will help you live in the present by not stretching yourself beyond limits. 

One of man’s huge faux pas is forgetting that life and all possessions or resources are finite. There’s a time and season on earth for all.

Some people work like slaves for money, fame, or status to the detriment of their health and relationships. On their final days, they regret as they always do.

So, being constantly reminded of life’s frailty makes you regard every second, every moment as a gift.

When you see through this lens, you are set free from earthly obsessions, developing, instead, appreciation for people, resources, events, and circumstances.

You’ll also be able to discern the positive in everything and everyone, resulting in positive thoughts, actions, and feelings.

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